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The Drawing Grounds The Drawing Grounds

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Playing this has been a great experience for me. I'm no good at drawing but looking at others I learnt some bits and eventually on a couple of occasions people enjoyed what I drew and told me so. Made my day each time. Now I wish I had a tablet, using the mouse can be very hard at times.

However I have 2 issues with it. A few times the picture I just drew wouldn't save, I had to start over. Doesn't happen often but it hurts to lose a good piece. And now that it's not on frontpage anymore the rating system doesn't work. My drawings never get enough votes to be listed... Even though it's not great, I want people to look at what I've done and vote.

But other than that, as I said already, it's been awesome and I learnt a lot.

To Jusperos who answered my drawing of a cauldron with a very kind comment: Thank you! It means a lot coming from you. I watched you draw a few times in awe.

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Mattster responds:

I wish I could fix the saving issue, but it seems that there may be nothing I can do about that. If I ever make a game like this again, or has any user-generated content, I now know to focus on that system, to make sure it can at least backup until the game connects properly again.

Yeah, the ratings sadly will take much longer now since the amount of viewers has dropped. I need to have judgement otherwise one vote of 5 will make any drawing #1 (and that would really suck :P).

Glad you obtained something out of this game, that makes me very happy to hear as a developer :)

Trigger Knight Trigger Knight

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Have to admit I was rather sceptical about the one button idea but this is an awesome design. Nice experiment, can probably scale into something bigger too. I want more!

Some tips to the players:
- You can only have one battle item (heal 120g, dmg boost 200g, money boost 500g)
- Get a money boost as soon as possible (need some luck)
- Upgrading armor heals you
- Don't save money for higher upgrades, only the next armor/weapon upgrade will spawn

ps: Was hooked enough to get 3rd worldwide highscore to date.

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Oiche Mhaith Oiche Mhaith

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not what you expect around here

This was inspiring. Not often you see the "video game" medium used that way. It carries some feelings, as art should and as most games fail at. It's short, has some crude language, but then again that's how it should be.

It looks (and sounds) polished.

- Khann

Binding of Isaac DEMO Binding of Isaac DEMO

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Need more games like this

Note: I'm rating the full game, didn't play this demo. And I'm french so I do hope it won't be too hard of a read.

This game is a lot of fun, a nice (somewhat disturbed) take on the roguelike genre.

Simple to get into, hard to beat.
The player doesn't need a long set of instructions, after a few key strokes he's ready to leave the first empty room and face the awaiting challenges. However, there's a lot of different enemies, items and generaly speaking things to try out and learn before getting a real shot at beating it. You really feel like you achieved something when you do (twice).

Randomness put to good use.
A game can be boring if too random, or offer close to no replayability if not. The right way is often to mix both random and procedural generation. The Binding of Isaac does that very well. You'll keep coming back for more and still be surprised.

A very original world.
I really wonder where Edmund gets his inspiration. Switch Isaac with an elf with arrows, ennemies by orcs and globlins, his mother by some giant troll ... The result wouldn't be quite as impressive.

Very very good job. I really hope it gets the success it deserves.

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Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very enjoyable

I'm not a platformer fan ... But really enjoyed this one. Quality work all around.

Give it a try, it's worth it.

To Iarkeus: I have a few minor complains though. I almost gave up at 4th boss (story mode), the hardest for me by far. I identified some of the reasons:
- I suck.
- I got hit almost everytime I had to switch weapon as the keys to do so are quite far from the arrows.
- I lacked missile upgrades (had none).
Couldn't do much about the first two so decided to work on the 3rd. I'd have farmed a bit the earlier levels if it didn't mean to lose everything I picked up on the way to the boss. To avoid that, I went back into the level to find a few ressources, died on purpose in lava and repeat until I couldn't bear it anymore. Got some upgrades that way but it felt wrong and painful. When, at last, I managed to beat this chapter, I did the earlier ones again to get more health/upgrades and don't experience the same issue.

The rest of the game felt easy though, probably because of the lack of a proper death penalty.

Also, didn't find a use for the last weapon.

Don't get me wrong tho, it's a nice game you got there, very well done.

- Khann

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Ederon: Time Warp Ederon: Time Warp

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Looks promising

Graphics and music are awesome. Game rules are cool as well. My main concern here is the money part. Not asking you to make it free, you obviously worked a lot on this project, but how it is at the moment you need to spend hours if not day to give a try at deck building. I'll probably come back to this to check for updates (especially the single player feature), but won't spend a $ as long as I'm limited to the very same deck for ages.

On another topic, tell me if I got this right. You use a distant gaming technology, sending player inputs to a server which does the computing part and stream the rendering to the flash client ... Even tho it's not the first app using such a way to get nice graphics with low ressources I'm still impressed by the result.

Now to the players getting started: To get gold, new cards and some other ressources you'll need to play a lot of games. When selecting your starting class keep that in mind ... A defensive one which is likely to make the games longer is most likely not a good pick. On the other hand, one with high attacking power and close to no defensive ones sounds good. Not better when it comes to win/loss ratio but it will allow you to play a lot more games in a same period of time. For example, the wizard class is more than decent at it. But don't expect to get enough cards to have fun building your own deck before hours if not days of gameplay anyway.

- Khann

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Enjoying this!

Been a while since I did a review, but seeing how most of the current ones seem a bit harsh to me I had to say something. I can tell you put a lot of work in this. I like the game mechanisms, the realization, the music and I really hope to see a sequel using this engine to give life to a nice story. Seems like the background has a lot to offer.

Xplored responds:

Thank you, after many hard comments you're a fresh breathing :D

The Enchanted Cave The Enchanted Cave

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very enjoyable

I don't usually give 5/5 10/10, but there's too few flash "roguelikes" and I'm a fan of the genre. I don't usually leave short reviews but I'm eager to play more!

Some are complaining about potion costs, MPs and being forced to wing out, they don't realize it's the whole point of the game. The game is nicely balanced as it is, makes it just a little bit easier and one might be able to clear the all thing in a run or two. Just a little bit harder and you'll need twice as much as you do at the moment.

Hex RPG The Hatred Stone Hex RPG The Hatred Stone

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice idea, some glitches, need a clear inventory

I like the base idea, the player has to carefully pick skills and equipements to make the drawing odds work for him. It gets also a bit strategic once you get more slots.

There's some frustrating aspects tho ... Mainly related to the GUI. Having to re-buy pieces of equipement / forget skills is a _major_ pain for anyone who enjoys your battle system.

Both issues (skills and equipement) could be solved with some kind of drag and drop hexes management window. With one glance, the player should be able to see all the tiles the current settings provide and be able to drag and drop items / skills to the available slots (skill 1 to 4, weapon, buckler and miscs). Wouldn't hurt to see there the currently equipement armor too.

The world map could use some more work too. Like an arrow to point to the next objective and a "new" icon on something similar next to the cities that the player didn't visit yet.

Ran in the same glitch as jesseb37, when you reach lvl 15 there's no skill to choose from and you can't get past the skill selection dialog.

The player shouldn't be allowed to purchase an item he already has, didn't check for all types but "works" at least for armors.

At the moment it looks more like a beta engine (but a nice one) rather than a full featured game. I really hope you'll keep working on this ... It looks promising.

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Valthirian Arc Valthirian Arc

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Technically, it's well done, I didn't see a single glitch. Graphics and sounds are nice too, very pro. Game design isn't bad at all, but as many reviewers stated already it gets repetitive. Many also complain about the fame requirements, I'd say they about right tho.

However I'd like to stress a few things:

- The fame you get from the tournament is too low. If the player go at it with mostly grade 30 students it's not rewarding enough. How I'd like it to work is to make the party members (given they won) graduate with a 50% (if not slightly higher) fame bonus. It would make a lot of sense, add some fluff to the tournament thing and make it more appealing ... Especialy in the late game. As a side effect the player must have 8 students before entering (so he still gets 4 left if he wins) ... Unless you decide to lift that restriction.
- I assume there's no ending, correct? But the achievements aren't enough to avoid a feeling of unavoidable doom which doesn't match with the colorful graphics and sounds.

And to the players:

It isn't as hard as it first seem to get all those achievements, on my second try I'm 6 months from year 4 with 3 penalties so far (about to get a 4th tho). Getting more than 1300 gold a week. And I didn't kite / use water as a shield much, doing so makes the game too slow for my taste. I won all the tournaments but 2 of them. A few tips about management:
- Give it a first try, play about 1 year to learn about the mechanisms
- Start from scratch, now that you know how important it is to get a high fame and how to get some more efficiently don't waste time in the first weeks and start building your fame pool up.
- Don't graduate students without the 50% bonus as long as you can.
- Never miss an opportunity to get that bonus on 4th week.
- Recruiting is more important that better equipment. Only "equip up" when you have extra money and only the students with the better success rate.

Thanks again for that game,

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